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Mechanical and Climatic Calibration and Testing Laboratory



Calibration of working dynamometers:

Within the LEIMC, the calibration of working dynamometers classified for interpolation and only for increasing loads is carried out. Working dynamometer means the force measuring device (MMF) that includes the entire set of equipment and accessories included in the measuring chain, starting with the sensitive element and ending with the instrument for indicating the force. The calibration is performed in tension and compression in the force range: ± 200 kN.


Normative references

  • EN ISO 376: 2011 "Metallic materials-Calibration of force-proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines";

  • NTM 3-55:90 "Metrological verification of technical dynamometers with elastic element";

  • PSpE-LEIMC 06: 2020 "Calibration of working dynamometers".


Working standards

  • Standard dynamometer type U2B-200 kN, series 163396/08160, force range: ±200kN, sensitivity: 2mV/V, accuracy class: 1;

  • Standard dynamometer type U2B-50k N, series 168854/013481, force range: ±50kN, sensitivity: 2mV/V; accuracy class: 0.5.

Measuring equipment


  • Acquisition module LAN-XI 3160 A-042, Bruel&Kjaer, analog input channels: 4, frequency range: DC to 51.2 KHz, voltage range: ±31V, resolution: 24 bit;

  • Daq–USB-30C32 acquisition module, EagleTechnology, analog input channels: 32, maximum sampling frequency: 250 kHz, resolution: 16 bit.


Software for procurement and processing

  • PulseLabshop, Bruel&Kjaer, software for analog signal acquisition control and real-time processing of acquired data;

  • PulseReflex, Bruel&Kjaer, high-level digital signal processing software;

  • TestPoint, CEC USA, software for analog signal acquisition control, real-time processing of acquired data, and higher level processing of digital signals.

Machinery for generating and applying load

  • Framework of compression and tension calibrations;

  • System for applying the load in situ (under operating conditions);

  • Hydraulic pump type ZE3304SE-T, Enerpac, series D08215050C, Pmax: 700bar;

  • Hydraulic cylinder type RACH-308, Enerpac, series 01616 EB, piston stroke: 200mm; effective cylinder surface: 51cm2, maximum pressure: 700 bar; maximum force: 308kN;

  • Hydraulic cylinder type , Enerpac, Series B 4915 K, piston stroke: 254mm; effective cylinder surface: 20.3cm2, maximum pressure: 700 bar; maximum force: 142kN;

  • Hydraulic cylinder type RCH 606, Enerpac, Series D 2615 K, piston stroke: 153mm; effective cylinder surface: 82.3cm2, maximum pressure: 700 bar; maximum force: 576kN; 576kN, X max. 153mm.

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