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Mechanical and Climatic Calibration and Testing Laboratory



Calibration of piezoelectric acceleration transducers:

Within the LEIMC, the calibration of piezoelectric acceleration transducers is carried out, both those with load amplification and those powered by constant current (ICP/CCLD type) in the frequency range: 3 Hz ÷ 10000 Hz.


Normative references:

  • ISO 16063-21:2003 "Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock transducers. Vibration calibration by comparison to a reference transducer";

  • PSpE-LEIMC 11: 2020 "Calibration of piezoelectric acceleration transducers".

Working standards:

  • Standard accelerometer type 301A11, series 2452: working mode: CCLD, sensitivity: 10.2 mV/(m/s²), measurement range: ±490 m/s² pk, frequency range: 0.5 Hz ÷ 10000 Hz;

  • Multifunctional process calibrator: type Calys75, series: 0306Y A11 0995A.

Measuring equipment:

  • Acquisition module LAN-XI 3160 A-042, Bruel&Kjaer, analog input channels: 4, frequency range: DC to 51.2 KHz, voltage range: ±31V, resolution: 24 bit.

Software for procurement and processing:

  • PulseLabshop, Bruel&Kjaer, software for analog signal acquisition control and real-time processing of acquired data;

  • PulseReflex, Bruel&Kjaer, top level digital signal processing software.

Equipment for generating load:

  • Power amplifier, type LV103, manufactured by Robotron, series 4736, power supply 202V/50Hz, power: 100VA, frequency range: 3Hz ¸ 20kHz;

  • Electrodynamic vibrator type 11077, manufactured by Robotron, series 01013, max. 100N, frequency range: 0.5Hz ¸ 10kHz.

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