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Mechanical and Climatic Calibration and Testing Laboratory


E. Tensile strength testing of crimp connections of electrical cables with rated voltage up to 36 kV

Functional description:

The generated force is transmitted to the cable under test by means of a slide with linear ball guides. The linear translation movement is imposed by a system of linear guides consisting of slide rails TKD35-G3-HJ and linear carriages type KWE35-G3-V1.


The cable to be tested is clamped as in normal operating conditions by means of crimped lugs.

One end of the cable is attached to the carriage of the linear guide and the other end is attached to the force transducer which is constrained to a linear movement also by sliding assembly TKD35-G3-HJ + KWE35-G3-V1.

The force transducer, in turn, is rigidly clamped to a support plate.

A stroke transducer is mounted parallel to the cable that measures the elongation of the cable, combined with the sliding of the cable in the crimp connections.

The horizontal displacement of the linear guide carriage is measured using a linear stroke transducer, HBM type W200, stroke max. 200 mm. The tensile force is measured with an HBM force transducer type S9-50kN, class 0.5.

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