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DB Cargo acquires 3 more TM locomotives | TM 069 delivered to CONSTANTIN GRUP

DB Cargo Romania (Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania) acquires 3 more TransMontana locomotives at the beginning of 2023, thus reaching a total DB fleet of 26 new asynchronous locomotives produced in SOFTRONIC.


CONSTANTIN GRUP officially became the 11'th SOFTRONIC customer in September 2022, when it signed a contract for the purchase of 2+2 TransMontana v3.1 locomotives. The first locomotive delivered and entered in commercial service last week is TM 069.


In August 2022, a framework-contract was signed between LTE logistics & transport Austria and SOFTRONIC Craiova, Romania for the purchase of 5 TransMontana v3.2 locomotives. The 5 locomotives are part of the new version 3.2 which will also be equipped with ETCS provided by Thales Group.


The SOFTRONIC factory rolled off the production line 10 TransMontana v3.1 locomotives in 2022. United Railways Bulgaria and CONSTANTIN GRUP became the 10'th and 11'th customers, respectively, to use locomotives produced in Craiova, Romania.

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