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TransMontana 075 - the second locomotive for West Trans Rails, in service

TransMontana 075 - Photo by Matei Dragoș

TransMontana 075, is the last locomotive produced and active in circulation, being allocated to the private freight railway operator VTR (West Trans Rails).

The locomotives are TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) authorized at European level for towing freight trains with V.max 120km/h on conventional railways.

TransMontana 063 (former Bulmarket) and 075 both at VTR Company - Photo by Matei Dragoș

Vest Trans Rail currently owns 4 TransMontana v3.1 locomotives authorized NNTR locally in Bulgaria and Romania, the locomotives have the series:

=> 480-054 (VTR), 480-063 (former Bulmarket), 480-064 (former Bulmarket) and the most recent 480-075 (VTR).

TransMontana 075 at Băneasa Station - Photo by Matei Dragoș

Vest Trans Rail asynchronous locomotives can be seen almost every day on the Curtici - Constanța Port and Craiova - Socola routes.

The company is being in a continuous expansion plans to purchase a 5th TransMontana locomotive, in the near future!

ETCS is the central component for signaling and controlling trains with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), the European Rail Traffic Management System.

The TransMontana locomotive is a Co-Co type electric locomotive, equipped with six asynchronous electric motors, it has a power of 6000 kW (continuously rated power electronically limited). It can operate both on networks fed with alternating current at 25 kV and 50 Hz, and on networks fed with alternating current at 15 kV and 162/3 Hz.

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