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Bulmarket / United Railways in Bulgaria becomes the 9'th Softronic customer

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The Bulgarian transport company Bulmarket signed a contract with the manufacturer Softronic Craiova on Friday for the purchase of 2 new TransMontana locomotives.

They are the first locomotives produced at Softronic for the Bulgarian market and will operate in Romania at the subsidiary Bulmarket - United Railways.

The two locomotives will be named Ruse and Gurghevo, on which occasion the owners witness the long-lasting fruitful friendship between the two border towns of Bulgaria and Romania. United Railways, which will operate the two locomotives in Romania, has a majority shareholding of 65% in Bulgaria and 35% in Romania.

Bulmarket was established in 1996 and received a rail freight license in Bulgaria in 2005, becoming the first private freight company in Bulgaria.

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