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SOFTRONIC asigură service și mentenanță pentru locomotivele cu motoare asincrone Transmontana. De asemenea, asigură mentenanță și pentru alte tipuri de locomotive electrice dar și pentru rama electrică Hyperion.

Softronic also offers complete support and monitoring, having an experienced, fast-response service team available 24 hours a day.


Through the locations in Craiova, Curtici (Romania) but also Borlänge, Luleå (Sweden) and Softronic provides both planned repair services (RR, RG, RK),

and periodic overhauls       
(RIL, RTL, RAL, RAC and PTAE, RT, R1, R2,
T -INT-1, T-INT-2, T-INT-3, T-INT-6, T-INT-12).


Stand for Pneumatic Brake Equipment Testing


Equipment servicing

Developed by Softronic and co-financed by the European Union, the stand is designed for measuring, recording and diagraming the functioning parameters (pressures, response time, etc.) as well as calibrating the main braking pneumatic equipment that are mounted on a lot of electric and diesel – electric locomotives of Romanian railway operators.

The test stand is build using components with superior characteristics, high fidelity pressure transducers and measuring equipment. The software used allows testing commands, recording and storage for the values obtained, functional diagrams plotting. For protection of stand pneumatic circuits, the compressed air used in test is filtered and dried.

Being certified by the Romanian Railway Authority, the test stand is used during the locomotives maintenance and repairing activities.

In the same test stand on requirement there can be done verifications for third party companies that repair rolling stock or for railway operators, on the following equipment:

  • FHD4-EP driver’s brake valve

  • RH3-EP relay valve

  • D2 driver’s brake valve

  • V5 triple valve – simple command valve

  • Dü 15 pressure transducer

  • FD1 direct brake valve

  • 10” and 12” brake cylinders

Tests are made according to test procedures that are given by the equipment suppliers and with the instructions developed by the Romanian Railway Company specialized departments.

When the tests are finished we issue tests bulletins with main measured parameters and functional diagrams obtained.

Mechanical cutting


Laser - ByStar L4025

  • Power: 4,4 kW

  • Table dimensions: 2,5m X 6,5m

  • Number of tables: 2

  • Tables changing: automatic

  • Material thickness that can be cut:

  • Aluminium: max. 12mm

  • Stainless steel: max. 20mm

  • Building steel: max. 25mm


Oxy/Plasma - Koike

  • Table dimensions: 2m X 6m

  • Steel cutting plasma: max. 20mm

  • Oxy cutting: max. 150mm


Plasma/Punch Cutter - ERMAX

  • Table Dimensions: 1m X 2m

  • Max. steel cutting punch: 3mm

  • Max. aluminium cutting punch: 5mm

  • Can cut any other ferrous or non-ferrous material.

Pressing, bending and rolling


Bending - Abkant

Pressing machine

  • Bending length: 6m

  • Press Force: 500t

  • Max. power: 200t


Rolling - Akbend

Rolling CNC - AMOB

  • Max. roll sheet thickness: 25mm

  • Roll length: 2000mm

  • Max rolling radius: 280mm

  • Max length: 3500mm

  • Max power: 15 kW



Milling CNC - Okuma MB56VA

  • Table dimensions: 1200 mm X 800mm

  • X-axis active travel = 960mm

  • Y-axis active travel = 480mm

  • Max. part height: 460mm


Classic Milling

  • Max Dimensions: 1000x1000x800


Lathing CNC - Okuma LB3000EX

  • Max. diameter processing: 300mm

  • Length: 960mm

  • Tool-clamping count: 12


Classic Vertical Lathe

  • Max. Diameter: 1650 mm

  • Max. Height: 1000mm


Classic Horizontal Lathe

  • Max. Diameter: 710 mm

  • Max. Length: 2000mm



  • Max. Dimensions: 400x400x350

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