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The beginning of an era


This is how we began

Phoenix is the first new electric locomotive built in Romania with low voltage adjustment and choppers for continous current engines drive.


Why "Phoenix"?

The name of this generation of locomotives is quite symbolic, "Phoenix" representing the legendary bird reborn from its own ashes.


A short review at the end

6 Phoenix locomotives were built:

- 3 for DB Cargo Hungary,

- 2 for CFR Călători

- and one for MMV Hungary.


A short story but for a fairly clear reason, Softronic was already preparing for the new generation: TRANSMONTANA

Technical Specifications:

  • axle formula: Co-Co

  • length over buffers: 19800 mm

  • width : 3000 mm

  • pantograph working height from the upper surface of the tracks: 4850 ÷ 6700 mm

  • distance between the centers of the bogies: 10300 mm

  • distance between the extreme axles of a bogie: 4350 mm

  • wheel diameter in new state: 1250 mm

  • wheel diameter in semi-used state: 1210 mm

  • total load:

    • with ballast: 126t±2% for 120 km/h version

    • without ballast: 120t±2% for160 km/h and 200 km/h

  • axle load:

    • with ballast: 21t±2% for 120 km/h version

    • without ballast: 20t±2% for 160 km/h and 200 km/h

  • nominal power: 5100 kW - continuous (maximum 6600 kW)

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