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Mechanical and Climatic Calibration and Testing Laboratory


The Laboratory of Calibrations and Mechanical and Climatic Tests - LEIMC was developed within SC Softronic Craiova with the priority purpose of covering the need for accredited / authorized / certified calibrations and tests to determine the functional performance of both own and third party vehicles and railway equipment , in the fields: lengths, pressures, forces, vibrations, noises and climatic tests.

LEIMC is the result of the applied research activities that the management team has carried out within the National Research-Development Programs since 2012.


The projects with essential contribution to the realization of the material base of the laboratory are:

=> Project no. 192/2012, entitled “Solutions for improving the dynamic performance and impact safety of railway traction vehicles for alignment with the requirements imposed by the railway regulations”, carried out within PNII during 2012 - 2016;

=> Project no.1 / 2016, entitled “Combined technologies, analytical and experimental, for fatigue validation and exceptional demands of the equipment and resistance structures of railway vehicles”, carried out within PN III during 2016 - 2018.

Within Softronic, from an organizational point of view, MCCT (LEIMC) is directly subordinated to the Board of Directors, and the activities carried out within the laboratory are completely separate from Softronic's design, manufacturing, control, commercial and financial activities, both as organizational structure and as staff. , locations and measuring equipment, calibrations and tests.

LEIMC has developed and implemented its own Quality Management System which explicitly states that in the calibration and testing activities performed in the laboratory is eliminated any influence and pressure on staff, activities and results, exercised by external persons or organizations MCCT (LEIMC).

LEIMC, complies with the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17025, is independent, impartial, not subject to any commercial, financial or other pressures that may influence its reasoning and technical decisions and is not engaged in activities that could endanger confidence in the independence and confidentiality of its decisions and reasoning and in its integrity in relation to calibration and testing activities.


The Laboratory of Calibration and Mechanical and Climatic Testing - LEIMC consists of two laboratories as follows:

1. Mechanical and Climate Testing Laboratory - MCTL, consisting of three compartments:

           - Mechanical Testing Department;

           - Vibration and Shock Tests Department;

           - Climate Testing Department.

2. Calibration Laboratory - CL, consisting of next compartments:

           - Compartment Force Calibrations;

           - Compartment Pressure Calibrations;

           - Compartment Length Calibrations;

           - Compartment Acceleration Calibrations.

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